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The Real Commencement Speech - Tech Style

If you are a recent college graduate, I am going to guess you have heard it all from Mom, Dad, Grandma, the class Valedictorian and maybe even that long lost cousin already: pull out all stops necessary to secure a...

Administration's Response to Teacher's Facebook Posting Extremely Troubling

What started as an innocent joke between two co-workers on Facebook has resulted in the loss of two teaching jobs and the murmurs of others asking “Is nothing we do on social networking sites safe?” In past weeks, headlines have...

A Short and Tweet Message Results in Student's Expulsion

The question “Is that a First Amendment violation?” is certainly reverberating in the industry as of late as word has spread that an Indiana high school administration expelled a high school senior for cursing over Twitter…  wait for it, wait...

Facebook Timeline: Forced to Relive Our Past?

Most bullied kids can attest to the fact that it is harrowing enough to go through the experience the first time, so they certainly would not want to have to relive that pain. In fact, even kids who graduate high...