CommuniClique Giving Away Saturn Hybrid, Launches ‘Go Green’ Campaign

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CommuniClique Giving Away Saturn Hybrid, Launches ‘Go Green’ Campaign

CommuniClique, a provider of on-demand collaboration services using VoIP and other communication tools, realizes that for every person who telecommutes to work each day, there is one less car burning fossil fuel on the highway. Similarly, this environmentally conscious company realizes if you increase the number of hybrids on the road, air pollution can be reduced even further.

As such, CommuniClique is giving away a Hybrid Saturn Aura-Green in late September to its 3,000th customer. The company is doing this in the hopes that it can influence its customers “to make more environmentally friendly decisions when it comes to business applications.”

CommuniClique’s IP-based conferencing solutions enable the “virtual office,” where managers and executives can collaborate in real time, no matter where they are located. The service lets users communicate via secure, Web-based VoIP on a “pay-as-you-go” basis. The company claims its "virtual office" solution is the first SaaS-style VoIP service of its kind in the DC Area.

The company emphasizes that this web-based solution cuts down on “eco-expensive travel” and lets managers operate in a “paperless environment.”

"CommuniClique is a lot like the Energy Smart light bulb in that it makes financial sense while saving the environment," said Danny Boice, chief vision officer and founder of CommuniClique, in a press release. "We started CommuniClique with the intention of carrying the environmentally friendly flag. If we can help lighten the footprint of the American office worker then we accomplished two goals at once."

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