Telework: the ultimate green commute

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Telework: the ultimate green commute

The greenest, fastest, and safest commute, one that requires the lowest investment from your pocket and from your tax dollars (compared with mass transit and HOV lanes) is from wherever you are in your home to your home office. The same goes for your employees.

Facet/Teletrips reports that each person teleworked or telecommuted just 1 to 2 days per week then each year they would save 100 - 200 gallons of fuel and 1.5 to 5 metric tonnes of CO2 / employee / year (equates to 7.5 percent -25 percent of an individual's annual carbon footprint). 

Teleworking is like giving your staff a pay raise and a cut in hours for free. Facet/Teletrips reports that it saves them each $2,000 - $10,000 in after tax dollars and frees up 160 hours of their time from commuting every year.

Your organization also benefits from teleworking as it can gain $2,000 - $10,000 real estate and other cost savings / employee / year, and greater staff retention and recruiting.

The rising gas prices are already reportedly making organizations think about teleworking. Employees, especially lower-paid ones like contact center agents are less willing to travel the same distances to work because they have to pay more out of their pockets.

Telework is also a proven disaster response strategy by distributing the workforce that makes operations less vulnerable to threats and 'events'. Telework ties into the Internet, which was conceived of and created by the US government to withstand and respond to an enemy attack by distributing computers over a network. 

And on 9-11-01 both telework and the Internet delivered. I wrote and answered the 'Are You OK' e-mails from a friend's house in New Jersey that I ended up after evacuating my old Manhattan office with my laptop--after witnessing the attacks that had knocked out conventional communications systems. My son, a paramedic, was at Ground Zero but neither my wife nor I knew if he was dead or alive for nearly 2 days because we could not reach him.

If you have a contact center and want to learn more about teleworking then I invite you to register and take part in a great Webinar on this topic that is taking place Wedneday July 16 at 2pm ET, sponsored by VoltDelta and Transera. Your questions are very welcome and will help us increase our understanding about this timely topic.


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