SoundBite's Sensible 'Coupons On Demand'

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SoundBite's Sensible 'Coupons On Demand'

SoundBite Communications has a 'greensmart' solution that saves trees, which convert CO2 to oxygen among other life-providing benefits, which is reminding consumers or businesses of coupons or other rewards they are entitled to by receiving the coupon or reminder through e-mail, text messages or an automated phone call. 

By simply showing the text message, the reward could be activated at their next purchase. If someone doesn't want the promotional offer, they simply delete it. It doesn't get any easier than that, and all while reducing the consumption of paper.

Those savings are significant. According to SoundBite's PR, one tree can make almost 17 reams of paper, with a significant portion of it ending up as direct mail or bills. The billing industry discovered that by switching to online billing, a household can save 6.6. pounds of paper a year. If 20 percent of households switched to electronic bills and payments, almost 2 million trees would be saved each year, along with a reduction of over 100 million pounds of paper. 

Domestically in 2006 alone, direct mail volume grew by 1.4 billion pieces, to a total of more than 213 billion pieces of direct mail a year (USPS 2006 Annual Report). With one tree creating 8,333 sheets of paper, converting direct mail coupons to mobile coupons can save thousands of trees. 

The green benefits do not stop there. Avoiding printing unwanted coupons saves the emissions and other environmental losses incurred by making, printing, transporting, and delivering (and returning/disposing/recycling) these ducats.

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