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October 2008

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The Green Side of Ontario's Proposed Handheld Device Law

October 28, 2008

There is an interesting side to the Province of Ontario's just tabled legislation that would restrict using handheld devices while driving: a provision that would allow informal carpools.

The bill is actually called the 'Countering Distracted Driving and Promoting Green Transportation Act of 2008'. The Ministry of Transportation says it will, if passed (that's assured-the ruling Ontario Liberal party has a majority) update the Public Vehicles Act that will promote carpooling in Ontario by removing the barriers and red tape associated with forming carpools. This will include amending the definition of a carpool vehicle to recognize informal, irregular carpools that operate between municipalities for purposes other than just home-to-work and work-to-home trips. 

The big benefit here is that these informal carpools will be able to use the province's small but growing network of HOV lanes. Ontario also has many carpooling lots located just off its 400-series expressways.

Also, if you're in a carpool and you're driving you can ask someone else to take the calls for you...


New Green Solar Flashlight Available

October 15, 2008

Not only is it important for people to begin taking responsibility for the environment by going 'green', it's also important to make use of alternative energy sources to further sustainability and reduce costs.

One product, Hybrid Solar Lite, a super bright LED flashlight, is making it possible to have a flashlight handy whenever you need it that will work and that doesn't require
expensive bulbs or batteries which can pollute landfills and water supplies.   The Hybrid Solar Lite generates "a great amount of light using the least amount of effort" thanks to a super bright lifetime LED with 40 lumens of light (equal 1 Watt of power).    The flashlight is also environmentally safe and solar powered and can hold its charge for years because it generates power from the sun and stores it for later use in a NiMh capacitor.   Because it includes a monosilicon solar panel, the solar power is also continuously rechargeable, so users will never have to worry about a dead flashlight at times when they need it the most.   If this wasn't great enough, the flashlight is also able to float and is water proof to depths of 80 feet.   For a discount on the product use the promo code "Blog08" at checkout.   Also check out the company's other products HERE.

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