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May 2009

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Free Webinar: Go Green and Improve Your Bottom Line

May 26, 2009

Today's economic conditions are pushing more and more people to look for ways to cut costs, but without sacrificing efficiency and business effectiveness. Today, with escalating electricity prices, it's no wonder that new, more cost effective solutions are necessary.   Not only is saving on costs important, but with an increased focus on environmental conditions and the need to be responsible for our carbon footprints, the move to go green has also become strong.   How is it possible to be greener, remain efficient and improve your bottom line?   TelcoBridges has got the answer. Be sure to check out their FREE live Webinar event, "TCO Green: The Green Total Cost of Ownership," happening Wednesday, June 3, 2009 from 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM EDT. In addition, the company will host an Asian session of "TCOGreen: The Green Total Cost of Ownership," on Thursday, June 4, from 10 to 10:45 Hong Kong Time.   The Webinar will not only discuss the many options for adding capacity and capability to your network in less space / rack units, but also how TelcoBridges can specifically help make your telecom network more efficient.   Did you know that if your telecom network can save 1000 watts of power, you can save 1.5 tons of CO2 over 10 years?   Get familiar with what Green Total Cost of Ownership means for you and start improving your bottom line.   This is a free Webinar you won't want to miss!   REGISTER NOW!

Green Transportation: Upcoming Pacific Northwest Intercity/Regional Rail Conference

May 18, 2009

Intercity and commuter/regional rail offers, when done right, a greener alternative to driving and flying not only in reduced energy consumption but also in enabling compact high-density and walkable development on existing brownfield lands as opposed to car-oriented low-density greenspace-munching sprawl.

The Pacific Northwest is an epicenter of rail transportation and land use initiatives, with hits and misses given the beauty and quality of life and the unchanneled growth that threatens to destroy it. Hits that all three of the major cities: Vancouver, B.C., Seattle, Wash., and Portland, Ore. have or will have commuter and urban rail transit systems, are linked by an albeit sluggishly-growing-and-improving intercity rail network, and especially in Portland's case (with some of those most advanced policies anywhere), are encouraging transit-oriented development. Misses in that the British Columbia and to a lesser extent Washington state government continues 1950s-styled sprawl-encouraging roadbuilding and widening policies (in B.C.

TelcoBridges' TCOGreen Campaign Reduces Carbon Footprint

May 6, 2009

 President Obama states in his speech in Lansing, MI that the creation of 5 million green collar jobs will play an integral part in his New Energy for America. The IP communications industry is paying attention to the Greening of America. For example, the latest is TelcoBridges' TCOGreen Campaign.

The offer helps telecom service providers and operators learn how to significantly reduce the TCO and Carbon footprint of their network, while enhancing capacity and capabilities. The TCOGreen program consists of:
A detailed TCOGreen White Paper entitled: The Green Total Cost of Ownership
* A Webinar Series - scheduled for June 3-4, at convenient times for both the North American and Asian markets
* An extensive face-to-face campaign with partners and prospects at CommunicAsia 2009, June 16th -19th in Singapore (booth # 5D4-01)
* And two free, online tools to help organizations understand how energy and co-location costs impact their TCO.

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