Contributing Sources of Weird Weather? Look In The Mirror

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Contributing Sources of Weird Weather? Look In The Mirror

I live in the Pacific Northwest where the weather for the past several days resembles what has become the norm on the East Coast: hazy, hot, and humid.
The smaller businesses and most homes in this part of the world aren't equipped for this with little or no air conditioning, big glass windows, and limited drapery. The husband of one of my wife's colleagues has to sleep on the basement floor, and few homes here have basements. Fortunately we live/I work out of a new apartment with central air.

And in contrast the East Coast has been hit with rainy weather that is the norm here, except that the rains are harder. I joked in an e-mail to someone there about shipping umbrellas from my part of the world.

Then again I and others shouldn't be surprised that this is happening. When you or let greedmongerers mine the forests, pave open land and wetlands to plant sprawling homes and 'office parks' that you then buy or lease, and you pour tons of emissions into the atmosphere from vehicle, power plant, and factory exhausts, you wouldn't think there would be consequences?

To quote Walt Kelly, creator of the brilliant, incisive comic or more accurately commentary strip Pogo: "we have met the enemy and he is us."

The solution lies in the words of late pop star Michael Jackson in certainly my favorite song of his in, "the man in the mirror".

One can't do much better than what Mr. Jackson recommended, to change your ways to "make the World A Better Place".

Here's how:

--Don't buy homes or lease property on new subdivisions or office park unless they are re-uses of brownfield sites. Buying only encourages more sprawl. 

Instead purchase/rent and renovate i.e. reuse existing space. And when doing so use the latest green methods for energy conservation

--Locate on well-used transit routes, where there are sidewalks and paths, and where there is excellent broadband connectivity

--Demand and vote for elected officials who not only promise but do act green. For insurance find out who contributes to their campaign sto discover who really has their ears.

--Take transit, cycle, walk, telework and enable and encourage your staff to do likewise. Charge them for parking to get the message

--Take buses, trains, and video/web conference instead of driving and flying, fly only for medium to long distances, and when flying access airports on mass transit. If you are in coastal areas walk-on--not drive--when using ferries

--When driving drive used, lifecycle-economical in vehicles made to last, and get the most out of every trip

Enjoy the weekend


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