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SUPERCOMM Green Initiative via VirtualBag

A GREEN initiative from SUPERCOMM enables its attendees to request and store exhibitor information online in lieu of printed materials. Attendees can easily request and download exhibitors' materials by using their mobile device  even or going directly to

This is a FREE service to all exhibitors and attendees. Just upload your materials for your company's booth (including brochures, sell sheets, presentations and more) before September 30, 2009 to be included in the master list of materials that will be distributed to all attendees.

Our company added our most recent newsletter and our brochure. It's very cool.

To make your materials available to SUPERCOMM attendees and to receive the names of those who request your information, simply:

Login to your account on Virtual Totebag with the following credentials:
Email Address:
The password that SUPERCOMM gives you.

Upload your materials (up to 2 items free of charge) and receive your item codes. Additional document uploads are available at $50 each.

Display your item codes in your booth via signs and labels on your sample materials. Ours is 313131.

After SUPERCOMM, visit Virtual Totebag as an exhibitor to download the available contact information for the attendees who requested your materials.
 Fantastic idea! Green, green, green.

Note: The more attendees request your materials, the more leads you will receive!

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