Achieving Sustainability, Longevity through Global Commitment

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Achieving Sustainability, Longevity through Global Commitment

Whether or not they have implemented let alone realized it yet, enterprises today are in need of flexible, end-to-end solutions for their physical infrastructure in order to drive operational and financial advantages that allow companies to mitigate risk while heightening business agility. That may sound like a lot to swallow, but looking at long-term needs and implementing solutions now will allow companies to remain competitive in the next economy and beyond.


At first glance, one might think that Panduit is solely a huge manufacturer of the kind of hardware found in data centers and the network itself: cables, connectors, cabinets, racks, etc. In actuality, Panduit is also a developer and provider of industry-leading solutions that help customers optimize their physical infrastructure.  The company's UPI-based solutions can help customer's reduce the carbon footprint of their data centers and intelligent buildings and optimize energy use and maximize resource efficiency across all operations.


In a recent interview with Panduit's Anil Maheshwari, he explained how the company's UPI vision is taking hold through a global commitment to helping customers meet their sustainability goals.


"Global footprint is a term we are using to refer to both our operational sustainability initiatives as well as UPI-based solutions that help customer's meet their sustainability goals," said Maheshwari, director of integrated marketing communications for Panduit. "Panduit has conducted numerous global road shows, seminars and webinars to explain to customers and partners the benefits of a UPI approach. We are enabling our partners through training to show how they can offer more value to the end customer and differentiation through UPI-based solution approach. The analyst community has also taken notice and we are working to deepen their understanding of the UPI vision."


Taking a holistic approach, Panduit is unique in that it will run all global business on one software platform out of a single data center, supported by Panduit's unified physical infrastructure solutions to optimize energy use and maximize resource efficiency across all operations. For businesses today, agility and performance are two pivotal factors that decide whether you will sink or swim. To remain competitive and ultimately succeed in an environment that demands faster, stronger service and performance within the data center, enterprises must be forward-thinking and harmonize their overall goals. It will determine whether you make it upstream and propel your company forward, or go under when the tides change.

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