UPI Strategies for Smart Data Centers: 100Gig is the Future

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UPI Strategies for Smart Data Centers: 100Gig is the Future

As today's date centers begin to reach their capacity, migrating to a unified physical infrastructure will bring significant cost-savings, efficiencies and more uptime for customers. In a recent webcast featuring market segment partners Panduit and Cisco, experts delved into the "hot" topic of data center availability and how it correlates with unified physical infrastructure.


In order to expand your data center's footprint, there are several different logical and physical elements that tie together to make such a deployment successful. The current trend in data center availability - as explained by Panduit's Marc Naese - is the evolution from 1Gig to 10Gig, and the company is even now starting to tackle requests for 40Gig and 100Gig systems. To echo Naese, understanding what these capacities look like is absolutely critical to understanding your physical infrastructure needs.


Alongside the trend for data centers to move from 1Gig to 10Gig, therein lies a tendency toward moving from traditional cabling to preterminated systems (plug and play), which provides the ability to get systems up and running faster, and ultimately reduce the mean time to repair when systems go down. Those are all important when you have an application go down - who has the time to wait two days for such mission-critical systems to be repaired? As performance in terms of speed and technology are catching up, companies have to get in front of their current and future data center needs.


As UPI reference designs are deployed, the greatest impact will be optimization, which ultimately results in significant cost-savings and efficiencies from multiple elements across the power communications and security environment. Cloud computing is also having an impact on data center design, which presents yet another invitation for systems to migrate to a fully interconnected infrastructure.

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