Green Box: Green tech survey and patents

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Green Box: Green tech survey and patents

A couple of items have landed in my inbox that are of interest:

Symantec via its PR firm forwarded the green facets of its recently released findings from the firm's 2010 State of the Data Center report. Among them:

* 70 percent of enterprises mentioned energy savings as a somewhat/absolutely important initiative, which was one of the top ten

* 94 percent of enterprise said that reducing energy consumption was important, 89 percent said Green IT was important

* Green IT/energy savings came up in every cloud computing topic

36 percent are considering private cloud computing, 33 percent are looking at public cloud computing, 30 percent are considering infrastructure as a service, and 33 percent are considering platform as a service to become green. 

Also 32 percent of firms are using storage as a service and 34 percent are deploying storage virtualization while 32 percent of enterprises are using storage virtualization--all as ways to go green.

Also Tom Ciesielka has kindly passed on this release to me on green tech patemts: 
January 15, 2010 - Five weeks after the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) began a test program to fast track certain "green" technology patent applications, most of the 3,000 positions are still available. Only about one third have been applied for.
Businesses wishing to patent their proprietary green technologies are being given special "front-of-the-line" status in having their application reviewed. Unexamined pending applications that are accepted could have the processing time reduced by as much as one year.
"This may be used in conjunction with other governmental programs to speed the prosecution of foreign applications as well" said Paul Craane, attorney with the intellectual property law firm Marshall, Gerstein & Borun LLP. "Assuming your application falls within the proper class, this program is tailored for an application focused on a single invention," Craane said. Craane recommended that applicants contact their patent attorney and get their petition in as soon as possible.
The USPTO has indicated that if this program is deemed successful it could very likely be continued and expanded. For more information about the USPTO pilot program to accelerate the examination of certain green technology patent applications visit the website:


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