Automotive X Prize

August 2, 2007
Is a 100-mpg car in reach? We will soon find out. Thirty-one teams have signed up to see if they can win the $10 million prize being offered by the X Prize Foundation. All you have to do to win is develop a marketable 100-mpg car. As they say at Staples, “that was easy.”smile
Here are the details from MSNBC.

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  1. zipblocks media :

    Hmmmm... We've recently built a go kart using some green technologies. The technology is called Zipblocks...we named the go kart the ZipBlockser. I'm not sure how many miles to the gallon it gets...but I'm sure it probably does fairly well.

    If you want to see the Zipblockser in action you can just visit this link on YouTube

    Zipblocks are a green modular building technology based on natural design.

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