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September 2, 2007
I have a confession to make. I like sports cars. Does that make me a terrible person? Well the answer from an environmental perspective was a resounding yes – until now that is. While every auto maker is going green, I recently came across an extreme green racing machine. The Eco One is touted as the world’s greenest race car and is made from potatoes, cashew nut shells, hemp and rapeseed oil among other plants. (Boy is writing this article making me hungrywink )

Now that I’ve snacked, I am not afraid to share the car has other food and plant derived components. The tires are made from potato starch for improved fuel economy. The brake pads are made from ground cashew shells and the brake oil is derived from plants.

What’s more, the body is created from hemp and rapeseed oil. And it runs on fuel derived from fermented sugar beet.

If I had heard about this car sooner I would have purchased one. It happens to be the perfect vehicle to get me to TMC’s Green Technology World conference which is just over a week away in Los Angeles, CA.
Assuming I got one tomorrow, I could log about 400 miles per day for a week on this little baby and be there before I know it. Actually, Google Maps tells me the 2,837 mile ride can be performed in one day and 18 hours of continuous driving. But then again, I am sure I can do it faster. Remember, the cofounders of Google each drive a Toyota Prius which the last time I looked is no Eco One.wink

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