GM Greens Up CES, Unveils New Caddy

January 9, 2008
In a keynote address at the Consumer Electronics Show, General Motors chief executive Rick Wagoner promised that by 2012 half the car maker's U.S. production line will be devoted to vehicles powered by "Flexfuel," an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional petroleum-based gasoline.
Wagoner put the emphasis on his presentation by unveiling a prototype Cadillac Provoq sedan.
“The Cadillac Provoq is the latest example of GM’s E-Flex propulsion system combining our new fifth-generation fuel cell with a lithium-ion battery to produce an electrically driven vehicle that uses no petroleum, and has no emission other than water,” he told the CES audience.
Wagner described some of the Provoq’s other intriguing features:
According to Wagoner, “the Cadillac Provoq represents another important step in GM’s commitment to energy-wise, environmentally conscious, electrically driven vehicles and the promise of truly sustainable transportation.”

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