California Rakes in the Green Tech Dough

January 23, 2008
It’s no secret in the business world that the climate is now ripe for investments in products or services deemed “green”—that is, environmentally friendly—to bear significant fruit. As noted in this previous post, Greentech Group reported significant business investments in green technology during 2007.
According to a San Francisco Chronicle report, the group also noted that, in the U.S., California received the largest amount of investment for a single state: $1.79 billion. That represents 45 percent of all green investments in North America.
“Silicon Valley has moved much more rapidly than any other place on the planet,” John Balbach, managing partner of the Cleantech Group, was quoted as saying in the San Francisco Chronicle report, explaining why the state got so much green tech dough. “It's the speed at which the innovation economy in California is able to shift from one field to another.”

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Comments to California Rakes in the Green Tech Dough

  1. Dave Green :

    We have to give these investors credit and giving people a reason to make the world a 'greener' place

    Good stuff

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