Computers Need to go Green

June 14, 2007
Articles like this one really show how the typical PC has a way to go before it becomes green. Or at least much greener. Computers generate as much as 35 mullions tons of gas each year and this equates to about 100 million flights! It is unclear from this article if this is PCs in the UK or the world.
It takes around 1.8 tons of chemicals, fossil fuels and water to produce a PC, and its operation generates 0.1 tons of CO2 in a typical year. They last, on average for three years and, once junked, most are buried in landfill. The soil where they are buried can become polluted with cadmium and mercury.
On the surface you would never think the computer market is as bad as the airline industry when it comes to carbon footprint. In addition the amount of toxic waste computers generate needs to be reduced.

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