Top 10 Green Ideas

June 15, 2007
Have you ever wanted to go green but weren’t sure the best way to go about it? What are the top 10 ways to go green you ask? Well here is a list from Worldwatch Institute.
1)      Walk or Bike to work
a.       This one is pretty obvious but may be tough to do if your company is really far from your home and/or you currently fly to work. You can also move closer or telecommute. One idea not on the list is taking the train. I suppose this is as green as any idea out there. Unless you are the one person who forces the rail system to add a new
2)      Buy Used
a.       This also makes sense… Unless you are buying a used Hummer.wink
3)      Buy Local
a.       This is another good idea – unless your local farmers are importing their oranges in from another continent.
4)      Change the Thermostat
a.       Yes, you can become accustomed to warmer or colder climate ,memory foam conserves body heat. Of course you may not want to sleep on it in the summer because you will need more air conditioning.
5)      No Bottled Water
a.       Yes, this makes a good deal of sense as well. You can buy bottled water but just keep the bottle and refill it often. Don’t forget to wash it as well to slow bacteria growth.

There are a whole bunch more ideas but I leave them to you to read by following this link.

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