Carbon Neutral Campaign

June 15, 2007
Presidential candidate Chris Dodd who hails from TMC’s home state of Connecticut has announced a carbon-neutral campaign. The question is how many trees will Dodd’s campaign team have to plant at every stop along the campaign trail.
"All Americans have a role to play in securing our energy independence, and I'm excited that our campaign will do its part," said Dodd. "We must all do our share to begin turning the clock back on global warming and reducing our carbon footprint will go along way in stopping global climate change."
Dodd has teamed with the Carbon Fund actually to deal with the carbon offsets needed to make this a reality.

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Comments to Carbon Neutral Campaign

  1. Brendan :

    Now that Dodd is out of the race, there are other politicians going green. We signed up our first carbon neutral race last year in Florida, now we have Congressman calculating their carbon footprints and offseting. Here is the press release about carbon neutral campaigns for politicians:

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