The Benefits of Green

July 2, 2007
If you are interested in seeing how companies are benefiting from the move to greener technologies, please read these quotes contained in an article on CNN.
"It's both great business and a good business -- great in that it is generating real orders and revenue ... and good in the burnishing effect our initiatives have had on both our brand and our business," says Peter O'Toole, a spokesperson for General Electric.

GE has doubled its research and development budget to $1.5 billion into technology to reduce energy consumption and waste products. The return on the company's investment appears to be high: Last year, GE's "Ecomagination" line of products generated $10 billion in revenues in 2005, and is on track to eclipse $20 billion by 2010.
What this tells you is you can truly be green, help ensure a better future for your children and also find ways to save and make money. In addition you can improve your image in the world.
The article is worth a read as it also details how retailers can lose customers as a result of the perception they don’t care about the environment. This seems to be an especially important issue when a retailer imports products from countries where environmental issues are disregarded.
In the end there seems to be no escape from the movement towards greener technologies and your company has the choice to be ahead of the pack or at the end of it.

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