Save the Earth. Save a Buck. It's all good!

July 12, 2007
I came across an article in Medill Reports. Medill Reports is written and produced by graduate journalism students at Northwestern University’s Medill school.
Medill reporter Elizabeth Ryan penned an interesting article entitled Six Tips On How To Save Green By Going Green. The premise of the article, “…doing something good for the environment is easier than you might think and can actually save you money, too…” is, to quote a colleague, “good business.”
It’s a big part of what the “mainstreaming” of green is all about.
Sure, every movement has its ardent proponents, who will be out there proselytizing their extreme message, like those who believe the Earth would be better off if the population dwindled to about 1 billion people, or that all air travel should be banned.
IMHO, that’s not “good business.”
But following simple guidelines and living a lifestyle where we are cognizant of how big a wake we leave behind, and working to minimize the impact we have on the environment is good business.
Doubly so, when it’s good for business.
Back in my college television news courses we used to joke about the cliché “Fun. And for a good cause.” But I still believe if we’re able to ‘do good’ for the environment and save (or make) money while we’re at it, there’s nothing wrong with that.
The point is that Elizabeth Ryan wrote an interesting article. Presented below are her Six Steps. For a full description you’ll have to read her article here.
1. Bottle your own water.
2. Shop vintage
3. Lighten up your “phantom loads”
4. Drive differently
5. Eat your vegetables
6. Change it up

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Comments to Save the Earth. Save a Buck. It's all good!

  1. Jim Clements :

    shutting lights off in a few places for an hour was a start.

    Eat Lunch and Save the Earth. All government offices (maybe all Offices) should shut down for lunch from 12:00 to 1:00 daily. (this will save millions).

    All lights across the world turn off From 3:00 am to 4:00 am except for working factories on shifts. this can be done with timers. or pick another hour.

    when you leave the office turn off personal lighting and computer.

    It is sad none of this will happen bacause it would cost enrgy companies billions and save millions in fuel

    on average automobiles sit 95% of a 24 hour day. if everyone would drive 10% less by walking, car pooling or staying at home.

    and here is a good one, STOP going to movies, they are no good anyway and think of the billions of dollar savings and besides sending a message to hollywood you want better. Stay home and watch the kids play or take a walk.

    think of a way you can save a buck.

    Think think think

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