Google, Intel Drive Green Technology Initiative

June 13, 2007
Intel, Google and over 25 other organizations joined forces in pledging their support for the environment.
Together with the likes of Yahoo!, NEC, Dell, HP, IBM, Microsoft, and others, the group announced the formation of the Climate Savers Computing Initiative, an organization whose stated goal is to “save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by setting aggressive new targets for energy-efficient computers and components, and promoting the adoption of energy-efficient computers and power management tools worldwide.”
According to the Climate Savers Computing Initiative Web site, the average desktop PC wastes nearly half the power delivered to it, and this waste increases the cost of powering a computer, as well as increases the emission of greenhouse gases.
Among the goals of the new environmentally friendly alliance, the Climate Savers Computing Initiative hopes that by 2010, reductions in wasted energy and the adoption of eco-friendly methods of producing PCs will help lower greenhouse gas emissions by up to 54 million tons per year, which is equal to removing more than 11 million cars from the road or shutting down 20 500-megawatt coal-fired power plants
The initiative hopes that these steps will help save more than $5.5 billion in energy costs as well.

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  1. Kat :

    PC energy waste is a serious problem, especially considering how many PCs are in use today. I'm glad to see that Google, Intel, and the rest of the Climate Savers Computing Initiative are beginning to do something about this. But some American cities, such as Boston, have already beat them to it.

    Thanks to the recent efforts of Boston's current administration, Boston is now on the cutting edge of environmentally-friendly technology, setting a national example for early adoption of bold new environmental trends.

    Most recently, in February of 2007, the city installed Verdiem's surveyor software on all PCs at Boston City Hill, and it has already reduced PC energy use by an average of 44 per cent. It is saving an average of 180 kWh of electricity or about $25 per PC annually through centrally managing the sleep, shut down and wake cycles. Essentially, this program simply places the PCs into lower power settings when they're not in use, like when you go to lunch, a meeting or even home for the evening. Based on its existing customer base, annual use of Verdiem technology reduces greenhouse gas emissions at a rate equal to taking more than 8,000 passenger cars off the road for an entire year, or conserving 4,317,988 gallons of gasoline.

    Bill Oates, Boston's CIO, said the software only cost the city $25 for each PC licence, and based on projections, it will save the city $25 per PC annually. 'So we believe that after the first year we will have covered the cost of the licence,' Oates said. After that, 'we'll save about $30,000 annually.'

    Taken from: Green Your Network Blog

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