Bush Warms to Green Funding

September 28, 2007
President George Bush today proposed the creation of an international fund to finance research into clean-energy technology. He announced that U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson would reach out to other governments soon to discuss next steps.
Speaking at a White House-sponsored climate change conference, the president urged the global community to set targets for curbing emissions, but stopped short of accepting the mandatory limits proposed in the Kyoto Climate accord.
Bush has long contended that the Kyoto agreement is not in the best interest of United States financial policy.
“We share a common responsibility to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while keeping our economies growing,” the president said. “Each nation must decide for itself the right mix of tools and technology to achieve results that are measurable and environmentally effective.”
Just before Bush took to the podium, administration staffers handed out a booklet to the assembled media that emphasizing that the president was serious about the issue.
The handout contained the following statements:

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Comments to Bush Warms to Green Funding

  1. Does George Bush care about global warming? :

    I read that George Bush is indifferent to global warming; he just doesn't care. And apparently Bush is focused more on Cheney's interests in the energy industry. Probably both Bush and Cheney will ignore global warming... they don't want to sign the Kyoto Protocol. Environmentalists will be angry at them, but then again much of the American public doesn't care about climate change.

    Myself, I can't decide... depends whether global warming disasters will happen soon, or in 20 years or 100 years... who knows...

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