Live Earth More Good Than Harm

July 7, 2007
Greg has a post titled Live Earth More Harm Than Good? Which points out the negatives associated with producing massive amounts of carbon gas in an effort to reduce the amount of carbon gas we generate. Quite a dilemma, right?
Really, the naysayers are wrong on this one. The awareness generated by this event far outweigh the carbon emissions of the corporate jets, etc. The world needs to come together – especially the third world and the US and decide we are going to start focusing more on the environment.
Europe, Australia and other countries are ahead of others in this respect and a single galvanizing event like this concert is a positive step towards assuring a healthy tomorrow for our descendants.

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Comments to Live Earth More Good Than Harm

  1. Suzie :

    Why won't Al Gore debate his hypothesis on global warming?

  1. Ralph :

    Leading scientists around the world agree. Is Gore the person who needs to debate or the hundreds of scientists who have already presented their research?,,2073006,00.html

  1. Paul Levinson :

    Of course Live Earth does a lot more good than harm. Even if global warming is not the problem that it is, an event such as Live Earth has the excellent impact of getting people to think in global, planetary terms. The only thing missing is more media coverage - YouTube etc in addition to MSN... Live Earth and YouTube

  1. Alex J :

    Suzie: You mean debate certain flat-Earthers who have a record of going to the ends of the Earth, and the depths of pseudo-scientific absurdity, to confuse, obfuscate, and otherwise obstruct action on the issue?

  1. Hope Adams :

    I wonder how many of those stars came in private jets, limos, buses, or SUV's I also wonder who gets the gate. And finally, how many of those stars live in huge mansions and use all types of energy-burning devices that we common folks don't even own

  1. Rich Tehrani :

    To set the record straight. Us common people would love to own a private jet or two.wink

    You are of course correct but in the end we all need to do our part to make sure we save the environment.

    Even if the ultra-rich don't make any conscious decisions to save energy we as a global family are coming together to pressure manufacturers to make more energy efficient products and services. TVs which go into sleep mode if they don’t sense human presence in a room. Dishwashers which consume less water and electricity, computers which are more efficient and go into sleep mode after short amounts of idle time. We can all make a difference and we should focus more on the positives than the rich who may or may no be on board.

    I for one am proud of the people who put Live Earth together and the artists who mostly have money and decided to contribute to this worthy cause.

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