New Zealand PM on Carbon

June 16, 2007
New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark says arguments against traveling overseas or buying foreign food because of the carbon footprint are "idiotic" and not the way to tackle climate change. This according to Radio New Zealand. The Prime Minister goes on to say there are better ways to tackle global warming.
In separate news, new Zealand and Australia will be join forces to develop a compatible carbon trading system.
In my mind a carbon trading system would indeed reduce the number of flights and put pressure on people to reduce purchasing imported food. Somehow these two news items seem opposed to one another but perhaps the PM sees other ways to reduce carbon besides the ones she calls idiotic.

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Comments to New Zealand PM on Carbon

  1. Nick :

    Check out what Greenpeace had to say about this little clanger ...

  1. Rich Tehrani :

    It seems I agree with Greenpeace. I suppose the PM will have to come out and clarify her position at some point and perhaps apologize to the many "idiots" as she called them.

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