Green Credit Card to Help Reduce Carbon

July 2, 2007
Barclaycard has launched the “UK’s first credit card aimed at helping to tackle climate change and promoting greener spending.”
That’s a lot to put on the back of a little piece of plastic.
In fact, it’s no longer even old-school plastic — it looks like Barclaycard Breathe will be made of a new material called PETg – rather than the PVC currently used for credit cards.
On the upside, Barclaycard promises to donate £1 million towards environmental projects in the first year of the card’s existence.
After that they will hand over 50% of all profits to be used to fund projects dedicated to reducing the amount carbon being released into the environment. Two of the first projects tabbed for funding include Solar4Schools which supplies and installs solar panels for schools, and Renewable Energy & Forest Preservation, which is a Brazilian project to promote using sustainable wood sources for fuel, aimed at reducing carbon emissions by 145,000 tons per year.
Barclaycard is also working with retailers to offer discounts on environmentally friendly products and services, such as wall insulation, eco-friendly electrical products, bike purchases, and more.
Check out more details here.

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