Bahrain Pushes for Green Investment

July 20, 2007
The greening of technology and the move to sustainability is by no means limited to North America and Europe. In fact in a recent blog entry, Rich points out that The Viet Nam Cleaner Production Center and the Swiss government have signed a $5 million contract to establish the Green Credit Trust Fund in Viet Nam.
According the announcement:
Switzerland will sponsor the program’s initial development. The fund will be used to grant low interest loans for companies looking to buy modern, environmentally friendly technologies to up production.
Well, add Bahrain to the list of nations making the transition to green.
According to Jean Paul Carteron, chairman and founder of Crans Montana Forum, Bahrain has the financial wherewithal and the political will to become a leading green location by preserving environment and setting a new trend for a sustainable economic and financial developments.
Said Carteron:
“Clean technology is major concern in the world and the strategists view economic development in the perspective of profitable clean environment.”

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