Green Investment Up 45% - Report

July 24, 2007
According to Australian IT global investment in green technologies has increased tremendously in the past three years.
The Cleantech Venture Network reports that North American and European venture capital investment in “cleantech” hit $US3.6 billion last year, up 45 per cent from 2005 and more than double the $US1.7 billion pumped into the sector in 2004.
The article points to several examples, such as Bob Christiansen’s new $170 million Southern Cross Fund and Melbourne’s Starfish Ventures, both of whom are earmarking large amounts s of their funds under management for so-called “cleantech” deals.
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  1. shawn kalin :

    Reader post by: shawnkalin
    Posted on: August 24, 2007, 10:20 AM PDT
    Story: U.S. behind in green investment

    Companies such as EcoMergers are helping America catch up. By matchmaking between buyers and sellers EcoMergers is among the leaders in a web 2.0 model of green investments.

    shawn kalin

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