Will Suing Polluters Help Us Breathe Easy?

September 4, 2007
Polluters are the next target in our litigious society.
In a CNNMoney article, staff writer Steve Hargreaves is reporting on a series of lawsuits that environmental groups are bringing in an effort to “force polluters to change their ways.”
According to Hargreaves:
In the U.S., plaintiffs are trying three general tactics:
·        Seek monetary compensation for damages caused by global warming;
·        Force polluters to clean up by saying they are a public nuisance, and
·        Redesign projects currently on the drawing board by applying local laws requiring carbon emissions to be considered in any new development.
So far, no judgments against polluters have been issued. But several cases are pending.
It’s an interesting article that shows just how serious green groups are about forcing polluters into cleaning up their mess.
Check out the article and then feel free to share your thoughts below. Is this an example of using the full authority of the law to help curb polluters? Or is it yet another case of a litigious society gone mad?

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