Green Tech Not 'Sexy' Enough?

February 6, 2008
Green technologies companies, CNet News blogger Michael Kanellos said in a Tuesday posting, may face an uphill battle getting customers excited about their products because those products simply aren’t “sexy” enough.
Kanellos pointed out that solar and wind companies sell electricity-generating equipment… not exactly the most exciting thing around. Nor are new types of water filters or home biomass heating systems.
In other words, Kanellos suggested, the majority of green companies “sell commodities you need, but don't desire.”
That may be true, but then again maybe not. Some green technologies are exciting, at least for those among us who drool over new smartphones and other gadgets. Such technologies—like more efficient batteries, displays that are thinner than ever, and software that lets people conduct life-like videoconferences—may also be “commodities” in a sense, but they are also potentially of significant interest to technology early adopters and power users.
So here’s the question to you, dear reader: what constitutes a “sexy” green technology to you? What does it take for a green technology to make you say, “Cool!”? Let us know. Because there surely is more to green tech than solar panels.

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