Green Technology the Answer to Pollution in Japan?

February 21, 2008
Coal-fired power stations definitely don’t help in the fight against global warming, unless maybe they use “clean-coal technology,” as does a power station in Nakaso, Japan. That station, Financial Times in Japan reports, is run by a consortium of nine power companies and is being championed by the country’s trade ministry as a way to prove that the technology can reduce pollution.
Specifically, the ministry thinks that using “clean-coal” technology can results in CO2 emissions comparable to an oil-fired plant.
"For combating climate change, what is needed is substantive technology that leads to real reductions,” the Financial Times report quoted Takashi Mogi, an assistant director at the ministry’s environmental affairs office as saying. Mogi admitted, though, that such technology may not yet available: “It is not very easy to believe we will achieve that without the help of innovative technology that does not already exist.”
In its report, Financial Times indicated that, as wonderful as clean-coal technology is, Japan may be using this as a way of removing pressure to make more long-lasting changes. Japan has reason, the report noted, to pitch technology as the answer: the country has lots of technology.
“Japan is already at the cutting edge of energy-saving technology, even if environmentalists say it has lost some ground in recent years,” Financial Times said.
What do you think—is technology the answer to Japan’s pollution challenges? Or does it need to look at other types of initiatives to effect real change?

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Comments to Green Technology the Answer to Pollution in Japan?

  1. John Gillett :

    Yes, technology is the answer to pollution in Japan, and elsewhere on the planet.

    With even the biggest industrial violators initiating green initiatives, it is only a matter of time before 1) clean, eco-friendly technologies replace the old and 2) technologies are developed to rpair damage that has already been dome.

    Clean coal technology is a start. The real challenge is a change in consiousness from short term profit to long term sustainability.

  1. NiraliSherni :

    Countries use whatever technology is available to them to reduce pollution levels. In India for instanceCNG is a really popular concept and very well entrenched especially with public transport such as buses, taxis, rickshaws, etc. and even private transport.

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