Big Green Day

July 3, 2007
It has been a pretty green day so far today with lots of news to keep our green loving readers on the edge of their carbon-free seats. For example, Cadbury Schweppes will be cutting its net absolute carbon emissions By 2020, the confectionery company famous for its Cadbury chocolate Easter eggs and other sweets intends to slash half of its net absolute carbon emissions, with at least 30 percent from in-company actions.
"We recognize that if we are serious about tackling climate change, we need to be 'absolutely' committed," said Cadbury Schweppes CEO Todd Stitzer in a statement. "This means re-thinking the way we do business, embedding sustainability into every decision we take."
Salon has an article about carbon credits which explains a bit about how the system works and moreover talks about politicians and companies supporting such initiatives.
Finally, here is a brief article with some links to carbon footprint reducing resources. Here is a snapshot:
Calculate your carbon footprint:
Reduce your carbon footprint:
Go green at home:
Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers,
Energy Savers,
EPA's Green Power Partnership,
Energy Star,
Great Green Goods,

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