Forrester: In Search of Green Tech Consumers

December 19, 2007
As the environmental movement has gained momentum, one of the key questions facing companies that felt pressure to “green up” was “would consumers pay more for green tech and related products?”
Well, according to a recent Forrester Research poll, fully twelve percent of U.S. adults, or what amounts to nearly 25 million people — are willing to pay extra for consumer electronics that use less energy or come from a company that is environmentally friendly.
Forrester has termed these consumers “bright greens” and believes they are at the forefront of an emerging class of consumers that will be an attractive target for marketers at technology companies.
The report, based on a survey of 5,000 U.S. adults, identifies three distinct segments of U.S. technology consumers:
The report, In Search Of Green Technology Consumers, is available from Forrester.

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