Go Green, Make Money

June 22, 2007
Greg Galitzine discusses an article in the Wall Street Journal about how going green can save you money. This is a great opportunity to let you know going green can also save you money and the tagline for TMC’s upcoming Green Technology World conference this September in Los Angeles, CA will in fact be “Save Money, Save the Environment.”
The URL for this event and the accompanying news portal will be www.greentechnologyworld.com.
Oh and by the way… Perhaps the tagline is a bit limiting. In any event it is great to be involved in a market where we can create a better world for our children and at the same time save money or make it. There are few market spaces where you can feel good about what you do while benefiting financially.
When you go green, your children will thank you twice.
Who will come to the Green Technology World conference? Decision makers in data centers, datacom executives, telecom executives, CXOs, entrepreneurs, investors and others who are interested in learning about green technology and want to network with their peers from around the world.

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