Green Technology World Conference Program

July 25, 2007
Here is the conference program for Green Technology World Conference which takes place September 11-12th 2007 in Los Angeles, CA. Here are some of the sessions to give you an idea of what to expect:
Top Ten Ways to be GREEN through Better Networking
Mark Leary, Senior Strategist, Cisco

In this connected world, our networks are front and center in our GREEN technology efforts. In this session, Cisco will outline the ten most significant networking technologies and techniques that are serving to ease our demands on the Earth’s resources. As the world’s premier provider of networking systems to enterprises, small and medium businesses, and service providers, Cisco is uniquely positioned to research, analyze, and forecast the impact of networking technology on GREEN initiatives. And as a global corporation with over 50,000 employees and tens of thousands of customers and partners, Cisco is also speaking from experience when discussing its need to conserve resources in the course of operating its own business.
The Top Ten list will cover a wide array of impact areas — ranging from networked applications that improve collaboration and interaction, while eliminating travel... to systems that better manage and utilize available resources... to mechanisms that deliver power more efficiently to connected devices... to near-term network technology advancements that bear watching. Beyond specific technology examples, this session will also expose networking best practices that drive maximum GREEN returns. Where applicable, specific examples of real resource savings will be communicated to the audience.

Maximizing Benefits of a Virtual Workforce

Angela Selden, CEO Arise Virtual Solutions

There are many factors involved with home-based agents that benefit the environment and help corporations strive for a ‘green’ existence. Besides the elimination of a gas-wasting commute, utilizing advances in technology has probably become the most important element of virtual workspaces since it leads to overall efficiency. This session will explore the combination of technology and home-based work, which has spawned a growing population of virtual agents and how this concept is contributing to a greener corporate world.

Topics covered in this session will include:

• Utilizing technology to manage agents virtually
• Taking advantage of e-learning to reduce costs and streamline training
• Routing technologies that benefit home-agent programs, and
• Strategies for executing a successful home-agent program.

Empowering Teleworking with IP Telephony and Web Services

Greg Pisano, Director, Market Development, BlueNote Networks, Inc.

In light of environmental concerns, teleworking is becoming a strategic initiative to reduce the volume of commuter traffic, pollution and energy consumption. In addition to these benefits, teleworking can help maintain the continuity of operations, since situations such as adverse weather conditions and other natural or manmade disruptions need not significantly impact an organization’s ability to operate. IP Telephony is playing a key role by providing a practical approach to enhancing real-time communications, integrating with business applications, and economically extending connectivity via the Internet. But, how can teleworking function seamlessly within a business process infrastructure? What are some of the challenges? And, what role can Web services play?
This presentation will examine the drivers, challenges, and benefits associated with leveraging IP telephony and Web services technology to help make a greener world. The speaker will discuss how combining IP Telephony with business applications through Web services can significantly increase user productivity and collaboration regardless of where users are located. And, we will look at how it can lower operational costs, enable greater business agility, and provide business continuity.

Virtual Meetings: A Faster Path to Lowered Emissions
Glenn Noga, CIO, Polycom, Inc.

It takes only a trip to Europe for a West Coaster, a trip to Hawaii for an East Coaster or a couple of cross-country flights to do as much damage (or more) as you do during an entire year of commuting and cruising in your car ( estimates 3.2 million acres of trees would have to be planted to offset the jet fuel emissions of the estimated 240 billion miles Americans travel on business each year; and in Europe, if the currently installed video systems were used to cut just 5-30% of business travel we could lower emissions by between 5.5 and 33.5 million tons, according to the ETNO and WWF. This session will educate attendees on how to use voice and video collaboration to immediately and significantly reduce travel and the associated carbon footprint, while also raising corporate productivity.

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