TMCnet Interviews ON24 CEO

March 12, 2008
TMCnet’s Mae Kowalke recently interviewed Sharat Sharan, president and CEO at ON24 to discuss Webcasting and the impact such technologies might have on the environment.
According to Kowalke, “New communications technologies like online conferencing are making collaboration among geographically-dispersed teams easier than ever before. Companies adopt such technologies for a variety of reasons, from wanting to reduce their travel budgets to seeking ways of operating more efficiently to getting in on the ‘green technology’ movement.”
One of the points Sharan drove home was the notion that in times of economic uncertainty, it makes sense to invest in technologies such as Webcasting to help reduce travel costs.
Said Sharan:
“There are indications that the economy will begin slowing and a recession is around the corner. More companies are already looking to reduce travel and cut costs. Combined with green mandates, I envision Webcasting gaining more prominence in 2008. Webcasting is an ideal technology that can be implemented quickly with immediate results. Companies reduce travel, which in turns reduces the amount of resources wasted, while providing cost-savings in return.”

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