Green Theme at France Investment Confab

June 29, 2007
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Apparently the environment is a major theme at an annual investment conference going on in France.
The report says that the 900 business leaders taking part in this year’s “La Baule World Investment Conference” are jazzed about the green opportunity. Billed as “An executive Platform for Attractiveness Key Players” the goal of the conference is to find a shared response to the many challenges facing Europe.
Going green is indeed a challenge and an opportunity, and goodness knows green can be very “attractive.”
One of the more interesting comments is from Jacque Guer, head of Xerox in France, who told that his firm is constantly working on new and revolutionary developments.
Said Guer:
“We’re developing technology that lets you print a document in the morning, and you can read it during the day, and then 16 hours after you printed it, the paper becomes blank again so you can reuse it. So, you see that behind this green technology there are real business and competitive advantages, and it’s not just something that’s trendy.”
The word from France is that we are on the cusp of the next big environmental sales opportunity — green power for businesses — with the opening up of the French and Italian energy markets on 1st July.
Check out the report for yourselves.

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