Are You a Greenocrite?

July 5, 2007
I have to agree partially with Tom Young of VNUNET when he says companies have to do more to be really green. It is easy to make announcements but backing them up is always a challenge. Still, the trend towards thinking green has improved corporate recognition that organizations can make the world a better place and save money at the same time.
I always have to wonder though, when I hear stories about people driving more than 100 MPH in a Toyota Prius… To be green must we change every aspect of our lives? In other words, are you better off driving 100 MPH in a Hummer than a hybrid?
The point is, are we too focused on calling each other out if we are not as green as possible? Should we as a society be more laid back and be happy that triple-digit speeds were achieved in a fuel efficient vehicle instead of a Porsche?
In the end, there is always a quality of life issue that should be balanced with our love of the environment. For example, I am sure many environmentally conscious consumers are in the same demographic that want an iPod or iPhone. Do we not purchase these devices to prove our greenness?
Each of us must do what we feel is best to balance our personal enjoyment with the needs of the environment. If society as a whole can reduce our carbon emissions by 10% or more because of awareness and at the same time take a minor hit to our quality of life while saving money, we are all winners. So are our children.
Still, let’s be wary of people who spend too much time trying to point out “greenocrites.” After all, no one wants to go back to the Stone Age.

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