How Green Is Your Utility Company?

June 29, 2007
I was just surfing around, looking for green goodies, and I came across this site called The Daily Green, The Consumer’s Guide to the Green Revolution, that featured a link to an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) tool called Power Profiler that you can use to compare your utility’s carbon footprint with that of the national average.
It’s as simple as entering your ZIP code, selecting your utility company, and clicking “Next.”
The results are two charts:
It’s a nifty little look at how your utility stacks up to the rest of the nation.
Check out the EPA’s Power Profiler for yourselves.

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Comments to How Green Is Your Utility Company?

  1. Art :

    Actually, the power profiler tool shows you the emissions profiler of electricity in your region (one of 26).

    To see how "green" your Utility Company is, you'll need to go to EPA's eGRID database, and view the Excel spreadsheet data for your utility.

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