Live Earth Generates 10 Million Simultaneous Live Video Streams

July 9, 2007
According to Microsoft, over 10 million people had streamed live video of the Live Earth concerts that took place on Saturday 7-7-07. According to the Redmond software maker, their portal, MSN can now boast of having the most simultaneous viewers of any concert online.
The concert Web site,, will continue to offer archives and on-demand footage of all the performances, along with artist interviews, backstage footage, searching capabilities for specific songs, artists and more, for the next several weeks.
According to Joanne Bradford, corporate vice president and chief media officer of MSN:
“History is being made today. Millions of people around the world have joined together to fight the climate crisis. The over 10 million streams MSN has delivered so far today represent a milestone in live Internet broadcasting. We expect to see an even greater number of streams after the concerts are over as people return to watch their favorite performances or enjoy them for the first time if they missed the concerts live.”
Just think of all the pollution that wasn’t generated by those 10 million people...

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