Save the Planet... Recycle That Fax Machine!

June 27, 2007
I just received a bit of information that details some of the simpler ways that an enterprise can go green.
Decreasing paper consumption is obviously environmentally friendly. (Does anyone remember the paperless office dream?)
Another obvious eco-friendly move is to reduce wasteful use of electricity.
And planting flowers is another positive environmental touch, not to mention a decided improvement to the décor of most offices.
Well, one way to achieve all three goals is to take that old analog fax machine and turn it into a planter!
At least that’s what Steve Adams, vice president of marketing for MyFax, is suggesting.
According to a news release from Protus IP Solutions, the provider of the MyFax Internet fax solution:
Because Internet faxing is a digitally centric technology, it allows users to send and receive documents via e-mail. That means there are no fax machines or fax servers taking up valuable space, constantly using electricity and creating carbon dioxide. Instead, with an Internet fax service like MyFax, the computer where someone receives the email fax does not need to be on to accept the transmission; it only needs to be running when someone is actually working on the computer.
There are other environmental issues that make Internet faxing a socially responsible technology to adopt as well. Dangerous bleaching chemicals such as chlorine, sodium hydroxide and hydrogen peroxide are used as whitening agents to make fax paper. Fax machines also require ink cartridges, which ultimately take up precious landfill space unless they are recycled.

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