SoCal Entreprenuer Sets Sights On Consumer Market

June 18, 2007
I’m not sure the “R US” folks who sell all those Toys and cribs and strollers, etc… will be too thrilled when they hear the name of this company, but they may very well be interested in sampling their wares in the hopes of greening up their operations…
The San Diego Business Journal has a great article on a firm called EnergyBusters-R-US. The Southern California company makes 5- and 10-kilowatt power generators using “active micro turbine technology,” a solution that has its origins in the aerospace industry.
According to the article, the EnergyBusters-R-US generators are
…designed to replace utility companies’ grid-connected power with an air conditioner-sized power generator that sits on the side of a building and connects to standard residential and commercial fuse boxes.
According to company president and CEO Anthony Mormann,
“It’s about keeping it green, and a commitment to being a first-class supplier of sustainable and environmentally conscious power generation for homes, businesses and transportation for the 21st century and beyond.”
Currently targeting restaurant food chains, home-builder supply stores, and major consumer retail stores, Mormann believes that the increasingly green conscious consumer market holds tremendous potential for such a product, and in fact, he hopes to see the generators available at stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s before too long.

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