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PIM: Ensuring Data Center Resource Availability

When it comes to business success, there is little that can damage a business' reputation than the quality of its network and access to its resources. Specifically, network downtime, resulting in an inability to access data and applications, can have...

Panduit's Living Lab for UPI-based Data Centers

Green technology is quickly becoming a focus across enterprises - the question is, are businesses veiling their cost cutting measures as green initiatives or are they truly looking to become environmentally conscious. Panduit's vice president of global marketing Vineeth Ram, believes...

Panduit and Oracle: Unifying the Entire Enterprise Infrastructure

For those you who have been following the latest developments at Panduit, you'll know a key focus for the company is driving efficiency in data center environments through the concept of a unified physical infrastructure. The concept allows for more efficient...

Smart Data Centers: Not a One-Size Fits All Solution

With convergence now a critical focal point for IT decision makers looking toincrease business flexibility, data centers need to achieve unprecedented levels of uptime to keep pace with business demands. The amount of data in the world is doubling at...

Panduit and EMC Combine to Increase Data Center Efficiency

As the adoption of IP-based communications technologies continues to grow, the convergence of voice, video, and data traffic over a single media IP enables is creating a need for businesses to improve their system uptime and overall service levels across...
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