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Business Link in UK Intros New Green Business Web Site

UK-based businesses have a new tool to help them be more “green.”, a resource Web site for businesses, part of the UK government’s Business.Gov agency, this week added a new section devoted to green business practices.   The “Environmental...

UK Based ISP Easynet goes Carbon Neutral

It seems to me the trend towards companies going carbon neutral is accelerating as companies like the UK’s Easynet are even pushing their partners to do their part to reduce their carbon footprint. Certainly, Easynet will make a great case...

Computers Need to go Green

Articles like this one really show how the typical PC has a way to go before it becomes green. Or at least much greener. Computers generate as much as 35 mullions tons of gas each year and this equates to...

Carbon Trust

Who knew Belfast, Ireland pumps out 4,800 tons of carbon dioxide a year? This news comes way of the Carbon Trust. This organization further goes on to say in the UK, 40% of carbon emissions come from business and this...
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