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Canadian Government Funds Green Transportation (Including Telework) Initiatives

The Canadian federal government is taking the axiom of 'think globally, act locally' to heart by financing over a dozen local green transportation programs that range from cycling to shared-ride home, public transit, walking to school, and to telework.Here is...

The Green Side of Ontario's Proposed Handheld Device Law

There is an interesting side to the Province of Ontario's just tabled legislation that would restrict using handheld devices while driving: a provision that would allow informal carpools.The bill is actually called the 'Countering Distracted Driving and Promoting Green Transportation...

Ontario Pledges $650 Million for Green Technology

The Ottawa Citizen is reporting that Ontario, Canada is pledging up to $650 million in provincial funding to develop green cars and other technologies in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.   Premier Dalton McGuinty outlined a set of...
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