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Here's How to Help Keep British Columbia (Properly) Green After The Winter Olympics

Amidst climate change that has led to an unusually warm winter even by West Coast standards that made mush out of Cypress, the 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games has seen some green achievements, some of which are staying and...

Exposing The Lying Behind The Fight Against Climate Change Action

How do you protect your profits when research emerges that what you make or how make your items causes or leads to death and destruction? You lie. Or more accurately you pay or finance others to lie for you.That's what...

Contributing Sources of Weird Weather? Look In The Mirror

I live in the Pacific Northwest where the weather for the past several days resembles what has become the norm on the East Coast: hazy, hot, and humid. The smaller businesses and most homes in this part of the world aren't...

New Zealand PM on Carbon

New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark says arguments against traveling overseas or buying foreign food because of the carbon footprint are "idiotic" and not the way to tackle climate change. This according to Radio New Zealand. The Prime Minister goes...
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