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Al Gore’s Green Tips

Following up on a recent blog post on my other blog regarding green technology, here are the top five ways you can become green from none other than Al Gore.   1)      Florescent light bulbs: These bulbs are getting better...

IBM and APC Go Green

It really pays to be green if you are a vendor focused on providing power-saving solutions. Witness IBM and APC winning a data infrastructure contract at Bryant University. Interestingly they replaced Sun equipment. In my meetings with Sun executives in...

Big Green

IBM is partnering with top tier investors to help new green technology companies become successful. IBM is able to supply knowledge, experience and even sales leads to promote their new environmentally conscious partners. Here is more from CNN Money....

The Benefits of Green

If you are interested in seeing how companies are benefiting from the move to greener technologies, please read these quotes contained in an article on CNN.   "It's both great business and a good business -- great in that it...
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