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The "Green Cloud"?

In my family the expression "green cloud" means the release and lingering of foul-smelling flatulence. Greenpeace appears to have a similar opinion of cloud computing as it is being applied by some companies. Last week, TMCnet editor Kelly McGuire wrote a...

Full Cost Analysis Needed on Green Power

Full-cost analysis (FCA) examines both complete direct i.e. capital and operating costs and indirect i.e. environmental, health and social costs of private and public investments. FCA, many of whose methodologies are still being refined, is a much needed tool to enable...

Green Technology the Answer to Pollution in Japan?

Coal-fired power stations definitely don’t help in the fight against global warming, unless maybe they use “clean-coal technology,” as does a power station in Nakaso, Japan. That station, Financial Times in Japan reports, is run by a consortium of nine...
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