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The Marketplace Is The Answer For A Green Planet...And Tech

Forget save-the-planet sentiments and actions like last Saturday's Earth Hour,  and laws, and regulations.The only way people and organizations will truly go green, and saving the earth and in turn boosting the market for green products and practices is by...

UPI Vision Rounds Out Eco-Sustainability Efforts

Data centers typically are high users of energy because of their cooling requirements; in fact, nationally, data centers are responsible for between 1 percent and 2 percent of total power consumption. Designed to maximize sustainability, global collaboration and innovation, Panduit's...

Eco-Sustainability through Unified Physical Infrastructures

As businesses grow, they are faced with the inherent technological challenges that accompany the addition of both headcount and physical footprint - namely, the task of effectively integrating disparate systems and technologies to create a single, unified environment to enable...

Panduit's Living Lab for UPI-based Data Centers

Green technology is quickly becoming a focus across enterprises - the question is, are businesses veiling their cost cutting measures as green initiatives or are they truly looking to become environmentally conscious. Panduit's vice president of global marketing Vineeth Ram, believes...

Panduit and Oracle: Unifying the Entire Enterprise Infrastructure

For those you who have been following the latest developments at Panduit, you'll know a key focus for the company is driving efficiency in data center environments through the concept of a unified physical infrastructure. The concept allows for more efficient...
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