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The "Green Cloud"?

In my family the expression "green cloud" means the release and lingering of foul-smelling flatulence. Greenpeace appears to have a similar opinion of cloud computing as it is being applied by some companies. Last week, TMCnet editor Kelly McGuire wrote a...

Full Cost Analysis Needed on Green Power

Full-cost analysis (FCA) examines both complete direct i.e. capital and operating costs and indirect i.e. environmental, health and social costs of private and public investments. FCA, many of whose methodologies are still being refined, is a much needed tool to enable...

Shrink your 'Water Footprint'

The best information sources are often your readers.I received an e-mail last week from Jim McGilligan, who has a degree in engineering from the University of Delware, who just came across this article on water and energy titled: "What is your...

Kudos to the ITU, Now The Next Green Challenge: Wired Versus Wireless

Kudos to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) for its work in developing methodologies to examine the environmental impacts and the benefits of IT communications (ICT). The ITU is developing tools to calculate energy usage and carbon impact arising from ICT lifecycles...

Telework As Green Energy Demand Management Solution?

Electrical power has become of those necessities that are nasty and expensive to provide. We are now dependent on it, are uncomfortable and cannot perform tasks when it isn't there. Yet we do not like the sight of power lines,...
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