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Greening The Data Center

Data centers: data warehouse appliances and servers are the 'boilers' of the information revolution. They enable almost every business process from administration to customer service, decisioning, design/engineering, distribution, manufacturing, marketing/sales, and support. They also require a lot of electricity for...

To Go Green, Go Dumb (as in computing)

The smartest computing solution environment-wise for organizations is to go dumb, as in dumb terminals.  Richard 'Zippy' Grigonis, executive editor, Internet Telephony reports that network computing either with purpose-built thin-client systems or even 'lobotomized' PCs connected to a network server use...

Rackspace Survey: Businesses Willing to Pay More for Services from 'Green' Vendors

Consumers and businesses these days are paying more and more attention to the impact their actions have on the environment. The “green technology” segment of the “green” movement—and the topic of this blog—includes everything from fuel-efficient cars to software the...
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